ATHALIA - The Anti Hair Loss Series

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ATHALIA Anti-Hair Loss Series 
includes 1x ATHALIA Folli-Activ Cleanser and 1x ATHALIA Folli-Activ Essence

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1. ATHALIA Folli-Activ Cleanser |350ml
Folli-Activ cleanser is an intensive hair loss care product that is specially formulated with 9 types of natural botanical extracts such as white nettle, arnica, burdock, pine, chamomile and rosemary to strengthen hair root and reduce hair loss and to prevent scalp disorders.

2. ATHALIA Folli-Activ Essence|100ml
Folli-Activ essence is a treatment solution for hair loss which uses pea peptide as a stem cell activator to stimulate and strengthen stem cell follicles and thus promote hair growth and preventing hair loss. It is best to use after towel drying or when your scalp is half dry.