ATHALIA - The Balancing Series

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ATHALIA Balancing Series 
includes 1x ATHALIA Balancing Cleanser and 1x ATHALIA Baobab Therapy Hair Mask

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1. ATHALIA Balancing Cleanser | 350ml
Balancing cleanser uses blend of natural essentials oil such as safflower, cananga, olive, citronella and eucalyptus as well as honey extract to rebalance and moisturize the scalp. To achieve the best results, it uses patented encapsulation technology to protect the patented core ingredients and effectively delivers them to targeted areas

2. ATHALIA Baobab Therapy Hair Mask | 175ml
Baobab therapy hair mask is an enriched hair treatment that combines Baobab seed extract, deep sea essence from marine algae and hydrolyzed keratin. Baobab extract contains vitamin A, D, E and fatty acids that are not only moisturizing but also may help in rejuvenating damaged skin cells. It is specially formulated for daily use that gives a smooth and volumized finish look.