We are a team of professional dietitians who have received dietetic-related credentials in our 4 years of dietetic degree alongside ample training experience in clinical, community, and food services. Also, we are the registered members of the Malaysia Dietitian Association (MDA).
Our dietetic team aspires to guide you to have a better relationship with food and your own body through science-backed nutritional knowledge as well as the health-focused products created by 27GROUP.


We are the diet and
product consultants

We assist you in finding out the root causes of your health issues, provide personalized dietary advice which would guide you throughout your health journey. We promise to provide customized diet plans and curate only products that are suitable for you.

We are the product analysts

We survey for new products, analyse the current market needs, liaise with the suppliers, and research every ingredient. Our products are backed with strong research evidence and accurate information to ensure they are healthy and safe.

We are the educators

We conduct virtual health talk for our customers on various kinds of topics, such diabetes, obesity, pregnancy and more. We interact with you through social media platforms and present the accurate health information to you.

We are the product trainers

We provide product training to our 27 independent business partners to ensure everyone receives and shares the correct information as our beloved customers. We also provide after-sales support to make sure that our partners and customers have a pleasant experience with our products.



A healthy and balanced diet can taste great too. I hope with my knowledge in food, cooking, and nutrition, I am able to bring happiness and health to you through delicious food.


Unlock your wealth with the key to health. The greatest thing in my life is to restore your health through advocating the importance of eating a balanced diet, having a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.


Let's build wellness rather than treating illness. I will explore different approached to help you achieve your health goals and make realistic changes.


Make a healthful diet an everlasting trend. I hope to empower you with knowledge and skills to turn your diet into a healthier one without having to give up your favourite food.