Bye-Bye Fat Package

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Who's looking for a new body to celebrate the new year? This package is perfect for you if you want to join Bye-Bye Fat Camp to stay fit and healthy before the new year comes! Join the camp to lose fat & win up to RM 588!

x2 Fuga
Size: 2.5g x 15sachets
• Regulate blood sugar levels
• Reduce body fat
• Increase fat metabolism
• Increase muscle mass

x2 First Base
Size: 12g x 15sachets
• Promote bowel movement
• Detoxify the body
• Control appetite
• Reduce water retention

What will you get in 21 days?

1. 105 hours online guidance by dietitian

2. 10 fat loss knowledge & tips

3. 7 Bye-bye Fat Challenges

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