LASCHÉ X First Base

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LASCHÉ X FIRST BASE is a healthy beverage that rich in plant-based fiber and nutrients which can help to detoxify the body and reduce water retention. It is 100% all natural ingredients and is suitable for vegetarians.

Size: 12g x 15sachets
Value: 96iv

* Dietary fiber is an essential nutrient that is needed by human body to stay healthy and reduce the risk of diseases.

Promote bowel movement
• Relieve constipation
• Eliminate body toxin
• Enhance body immune system
• Prevent spike in blood sugar
• Control appetite
• Lower cholesterol
• Reduce water retention
• Promote gut health
• Improve skin condition


I'm always feeling sleepy
I'm always having bad breath
I'm always having acne problem
I'm always having constipation


Bad Breath

Acne Problem


Why do we need to eat adequate dietary fiber daily?

Dietary fiber is crucial for our gut health. When you are not taking adequate dietary fiber everyday, toxin can easily accumulate in your body.

Because your colon may have difficulties in bulking up the stool that need to be excreted. It may cause irritable bowel syndrome and haemorrhoids.

Dietary fiber is crucial for our gut health. When you are not taking adequate dietary fiber everyday, toxin can easily accumulate in your body

Sufficient dietary fiber intake

  • Normalized bowel movement and prevent constipation
  • Aids in achieving healthy weight by increasing satiety
  • Lower cholesterol level by reducing fat accumulation in the body
  • Stabilize blood sugar by not spiking it up after meal
  • Reduce risk of colorectal cancer

Dietary Fiber : The best natural detox agent

Dietary fiber is the best natural detox agent

World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends to take at least 25g of dietary fiber a day.

However, most people consume less than 15g of dietary fiber a day, especially those who are always eating out!

LASCHÉ X First Base

Botanical Fruits Enzymes Fiber Healthy Drink

Customized detox beverage that combines detoxification, rejuvenation and elimination of water retention properties

Customised detox beverage

A healthy beverage that combines detoxification, rejuvenation & elimination of water retention properties.

1 Sachet Of First Base If Equivalent To
5kgs Of Dietary Fiber From Fruits And Vegetables  

1 sachet a day for better health, stimulate bowel and protect guy health

1 sachet a day for better health
Stimulate bowel and protect gut health

Targeted Criteria Group

  • Individuals who wish to lose weight
  • Individuals who often eating out
  • Individuals who dislike vegetables
  • Individuals who rarely eat fruits and vegetables
  • Individuals who wish to cleanse their intestine
  • Individuals with high blood sugar

How To Consume

Prepare 150 - 250 ml of room temperature or cold water, avoid using warm or hot water.

Pour 1 sachet of First Base into the water.

Shake the mixture well and consume immediately. Not advisable to to have a long holding time.

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