SHINE Premium

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Are you constantly struggling with your weight? We have this upgraded SHINE Premium that provides you with a complete & individualized nutrition plan and guidance by experienced dietitians. Say goodbye to meal skipping, hunger, and a boring diet!

What you are getting in SHINE Premium:

✔️Professional service: 3-to-1 service by experienced dietitians
✔️Professional meal guidances: Before, during & after meals
✔️Wellness Management: Control blood pressure, pregnancy diet, diet for children, blood lipids, thyroid, PCOS & etc while managing weight / controlling blood sugar
✔️Nutrition knowledge: Learn how to build a better relationship with your body & food
✔️Free family consultation up to 3 pax
✔️Free 1X 211 Plate, kitchen scale, measuring tape

**Recommended individuals: Individual who wants to achieve a healthy body through diet include pregnant women & children**



✔️3對1 服務由資深食療師全程負責
✔️融入調理高血壓、孕期饮食、幼儿饮食、血脂、甲狀腺、多囊卵巢等,邊瘦身/控糖 邊調理
✔️FREE 1X 211餐盤, 食物稱重,软尺