SHINE Premium

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SHINE Premium is a professional weight management service that provides personalized nutrition plans and guidance from experienced dietitians. This upgraded service offers a 3-to-1 ratio of dietitians to clients, ensuring personalized and tailored support.

In addition to meal guidance before, during, and after meals, SHINE Premium also offers wellness management for a range of health conditions, including blood pressure, pregnancy diet, diet for children, blood lipids, thyroid, and PCOS. This comprehensive approach allows clients to manage their weight and control their blood sugar while also addressing other health concerns.

SHINE Premium also includes nutrition knowledge sessions to help clients build a better relationship with their body and food. This can be a valuable tool in achieving long-term weight management success.

The service also includes a free family consultation for up to three people, as well as a free 2:1:1 Ceramic Plate, Kitchen Scale, and a Measuring Tape. Overall, SHINE Premium is a comprehensive and effective way to achieve your weight management goals with the support of experienced dietitians.

**Recommended individuals: Individual who wants to achieve a healthy body through diet include pregnant women & children**



SHINE Premium 是一项专业的体重管理服务,为客户提供个性化的营养计划和经验丰富的营养师的指导。 这项升级服务提供了3:1的营养师:客户比例,确保个性化和量身定制的支持。

除了饭前、饭中和饭后的饮食指导外,SHINE Premium 还提供健康管理服务,适用于多种健康状况,包括血压、孕期饮食、儿童饮食、血脂、甲状腺和 PCOS。 这种全面的方法可以帮助客户管理体重,控制血糖水平,同时也可以解决其他健康问题。

SHINE Premium 还包括营养知识课程,帮助客户建立更好的与身体和食物的关系。 这可能是实现长期体重管理成功的宝贵工具。

该服务还包括针对三人的免费家庭咨询,2:1:1陶瓷餐盘,厨房秤和测量带,以协助分量控制和饮食计划。通过 SHINE Premium,您可以控制自己的健康并有效地管理体重。