All efforts deserved of recognition. 27 gives you the best and happiest entrepreneurial platform. As long as you work hard with devoted heart, you will be compensated with the best way.

For 6 consecutive days, 27GROUP outstanding leaders spent a fruitful and meaningful trip in South Korea. This trip not only caught the end of autumn, but also experienced the freezy weather of winter. In addition to seeing the withering maple leaves, the exciting snow scene was also recorded all thanks to our lucky 27 charm. In this short year, 27GROUP quickly became a representative of domestic Internet companies. The founder EVELYN even devoted and spent 370 thousand ringgits, and generously rewarded the 60 outstanding leaders of the company. Before departure, EVELYN prepared small cards and special customized hoodies to these 60 outstanding leaders. She hopes that during this journey, everyone can work together and develop the company into a larger and more professional team

EVELYN believes that it is very important to create a harmonious, relaxed, and united internal organizational atmosphere. This luxury tour not only brings leaders to relax, but also increases mutual understanding and strong bond with the team. She also hopes that this trip can inspire leaders to find ideas, break through difficulties, and bring this passion back to Malaysia to influence and impact more 27  partners and enterprenuers, because she believes that travel can precipitate the soul and also cultivate inspiration. This could enhance 27Group development to a higher level. Hence,  she had decided to take the leaders to Korea to celebrate the company's first anniversary.

Thesesix days trip together made the bond among partners stronger and closer. It connects everyone as team at a deeper sense. We had never expected that a career can create such precious and touching bond and emotions. The like-minded partners and the mutual encouragement have created many beautiful and surging memories. This trip to South Korea draws a perfect ending for the 27 leaders in 2018, but this does not mean the end. On the contrary, it is the heart that is getting more and more courageous and inspired a visionary chapter for 2019.