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SHINE Programme is a one-stop online dietitian consultation service in Malaysia with a mission to provide guidance towards good health through science-based nutritional information. For every individual who participates entrusts their health to Shine, our team of certified dietitians will cater a personalized diet plan to help achieve their health goal and create awareness on the importance of nutrition and health.


Dietetic Consultations & Personalized Coaching

We have a certified nutrition background who are qualified to Medical Nutrition Therapy.

Provide Science-backed
Nutrition Strategies

We have conducted public talks to increase health awareness.

Experienced Dietitian
From Malaysian Dietetians'
Association (MDA)

We have extensive clinical experience and have served thousands of both customers & patients.



We spark your life with a healthy lifestyle


We believe that your health is the greatest wealth


We provide intervention & individualization consultation


We provide nutrition knowledge for lifetime benefits

Energise & Efficient

All programmes are guided by energized & efficient professional dietitian


Constantly struggle with your weight?

The Weight Management Programme helps you to achieve your ideal weight through personalised 3 to 1 dietetic service & more than 90 daily meal follow up sessions. You're guaranteed to lose at least 2kg within 30 days!

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Having a blood sugar problem?

The Diabetes Management Programme helps you stabilize your blood sugar through our personalised 3 to 1 dietetic service & more than 90 daily meal follow up sessions. Say bye to carbs restriction & diabetes drugs!

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