27GROUP was founded in 2017 and is an entrepreneurship in integrating exploration, development, production, distribution, service and education. 27GROUP started from micro business, but it never limits the scale of micro business. It is the largest entity from a micro business scale to a corporate scale. It is also an internet technology entrepreneurial platform with a semi-independent three-story office building as its Head Quarters.

A pioneer in leading the development trend of the Internet industry. 27GROUP focuses on two health markets, namely health rejuvenation and internal health beauty from within. Adhering to the original vision of professionalism, quality, innovation, integrity, and perfectionism, 27GROUP carefully develops every detail from product development from manufacturing to after-sales service, which aims to provide customers the best purchasing experience. We desire to adhere to the quality-oriented craftsmanship, providing the market and customers with irreplaceable and top-quality services. Concurrently, we hope that through educating, we would be able to let everyone to possess "entrepreneur mindset" in achieving stable income, free from financial issues and to lead a carefree life.

2 symbolizes a new life, successfully evolved and transformed.

7 symbolizes an arrow; pointing to the right direction. It indicates a new starting point and a turning point for change and values.


To become the best in e-platform for online entrepreneurs that establishes a professional reputation and image, and inspires more entrepreneurs to be a high-income earner.


• To provide excellent business opportunities and platform with zero risk
• To provide a means for people to enhance their quality life
• To gain public trust and confidence in Internet Entrepreneurship
• To assist others to discover and achieve their dreams
• To assist others to become financially independent  

Core Values

Professionalism, Positivity, Responsibility, Teamwork, Altruism


Invigorating Minds, Realizing Dreams