With great effort comes great reward. Once again it is time for 27GROUP’s annual celebration! This year, the excellent leaders of 27GROUP are rewarded with a fully sponsored trip to the glamorous Dubai as a recognition to their great accomplishments for our company throughout 2019.

    Along with their travel luggage and thrilled emotions, our amazing leaders landed on the most alluring and elegant city of the world – Dubai and spent 6 days 5 nights together in an unforgettable adventure. Here at the world’s most extravagant metropolis, 60 leaders of 27GROUP traveled to experience life like never before in not just the dazzling, futuristic city, but also in the boundless desert of Arab. They witnessed the most beautiful garden in the world where flowers blossomed splendidly and took a tour around the world’s biggest manmade island on helicopter. By standing at the top of the world’s tallest building - Burj Khalifa and visiting the magnificent Miracle Garden, it gives our leaders the inspiration that humans are capable of achieving great wonders in life with a strong will and passion.  Moreover, the group even witnessed a pouring rain during the trip, which is a rare sight in Dubai as the deserted weather of this Arabian city only rains about 45 days a year. Hence, the rain became another noteworthy moment during the trip.


    As we reflected upon 2019, it was not a year of breakthrough for the company like 2018. Nonetheless we spent the year perfecting and refining our company’s foundation to ensure that our partners will enjoy a more robust and resilient business platform on their journey as an entrepreneur. The effort of building 27GROUP into a better organization would not be possible without the great endeavor of our team leaders. These 60 amazing individuals who earned the flight tickets to Dubai showed great tenacity and determination in completing their annual targets by putting forward our exclusive product LASCHÉ X to the market successfully. Hence, our founder Evelyn granted RM700,000 for the Dubai trip and planned numerous surprises during trip for the leaders to enjoy a lavish and delighted reward to their hard work throughout 2019. Notably, one of the surprises during this trip was a reasoning game that ultimately led to the revelation of the company’s second brand, AYMÉIR, which made these 60 outstanding leaders the first group to hear exclusively about the new release. Just as how Evelyn had described, she is confident in placing her trust in the leaders despite the many deceptions and imitations of ideas on the internet because the core of 27GROUP is at its people. She firmly believes that 27GROUP is not her own creation, but the wonderful product of all 27 Independent Business Partners’ hard work and dedication. Through this special trip to Dubai, she hopes that our 27 Independent Business Partners could be more united and trusting than ever, be brave to build their own amazing career and create the life that they desire.

    At 27GROUP, we hope that our partners would believe in their own capabilities as much as we believe in yours. We are all in this journey to support and encourage each other towards success. Just as the numbers of Independent Business Partners in 27GROUP who surpassed 5 figures earning in 2019, we look forward for a more prosperous new year together.


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    All hard work deserves recognition.  27GROUP has the best platform to lead entrepreneurs into a happy and blissful path in life because that is what we believe in. As long as you work hard with a devoted heart, you will be compensated with the rewards that you deserve.

    To celebrate the achievement of 27GROUP as we rose to become one of the industry leaders of local internet commerce, our outstanding team leaders had embarked on a 6-days journey to South Korea near the end of autumn. As they arrived in South Korea, they were greeted not only by the beautiful maple leaves that were turning yellow, but also the freezing wind and mesmerizing sight of snow of the approaching winter. With great generosity and gratitude, our lovely founder Evelyn contributed RM370,000 for this trip as a gesture to reward the efforts of our hardworking team leaders who had shown amazing commitment to the company throughout the year. Moreover, Evelyn had even prepared gift cards and customized hoodies to these 60 exceptional individuals, hoping that everyone would enjoy this trip to the fullest and build a wonderful relationship between one another that will lead to a strong foundation for our company’s future growth.

    As Evelyn believes that a harmonious, relaxed and united atmosphere is very important for an organization, therefore this luxurious South Korea trip also serves as an opportunity for our founder to strengthen the mutual understanding and bond between the company’s top achievers. On top of that, this trip is also a celebration for our company’s first anniversary. Evelyn hopes that through group traveling, the team leaders are able to ignite a stronger passion within themselves for our business which could help them generate more exciting ideas and influence more talented individuals back in Malaysia with their enthusiasm.

    At the end of this six days journey, our partners had created many memorable moments together and developed a wonderful camaraderie that brought everyone closer than ever. Who would have thought that the journey with 27 would not only lead our partners to a more rewarding life, but also give them the opportunity to form special bonds with like-minded individuals which could impact their lives in ways that they could never imagine. The trip to South Korea drew a perfect ending for our leaders in 2018, yet it signified the beginning of a more splendid and inspiring new year ahead for 27GROUP. 

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  • SISTERS The 1000th issue - Exemplary Awards Event

    In conjunction with the celebrated 50th anniversary of Sisters, a famous Malaysian magazine sister, the "Most Exemplary Awards Ceremony" was held. Many famous artists and friends were invited to join in the celebration and spend a brilliant night together. Among them, 27GROUP was also invited to attend, and won the "Excellent Innovation Team Award".

    The trophy awarded by the conference was specially crafted, symbolizing enthusiasm and illuminating the colorful future, and striving to the peak!

    In 2019, 27GROUP does not seek for extremely fast pioneering actions. It upholds the heart of the craftsman and seeks stable and long-term development. Another milestone proves that all hardworks are worthy and never wasted. Efforts that were dedicatedly poured in will eventually receive the most precious appreciation. You reap what you sow!

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  • TOP100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs 2019

    An annual grand celebration held in Malaysia, the opening ceremony was officiated by Prime Minister YAB Tun Dr Mahathir Bin Mohamad platform. This celebration was to affirm the efforts and achievements of young Malaysian entrepreneurs. EVELYN also lived up to the expectations and won the "Top 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneur Award", and gathered with many famous Malaysian entrepreneurs to receive the highest honor.

    Adhering to the spirit of craftsmanship and courageous to take risks, it was proved that in addition to hard work, the award winning leaders have undefeated tenacity and a clear goal direction in order to achieve today's achievements. All these persistence and attitude deserved to be awarded and recognised. The outstanding leaders who were invited to attend also expressed that they were very moved to witness this historical moment before their eyes. EVELYN is the greatest pride of 27GROUP!

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