In September 2020, 27GROUP has successfully accomplished a new milestone by obtaining the direct selling license from AJL (AKTA JUALAN LANGSUNG). In other words, 27GROUP is now verified as an official and legal career-building platform that meets the standard criterion of the Malaysian government.

    Making continuous improvement to become a business enterprise that meets the professional and international standards in the industry has always been the goal of 27GROUP. Despite starting our journey as an internet-based micro-business, we are committed to break through the boundaries and venture into an even greater business model. Since the company’s inception, we are determined to push ourselves to become an internet career-building platform that integrates innovative direct-selling model into the scale of an internet enterprise. Nonetheless, our new achievement with the AJL direct selling license is merely a beginning to the great goals that we have set for ourselves. We will continue to strive for greater heights and present you a more diversified 27GROUP in the future.
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  • Donation of 35 units Fora Glucometers &3500 test strip to Clinic

    On May 31st 2021, 27GROUP has donated 35 units of Fora Glucometers with 3500 test strips to Tzu Chi Free Clinic in Pudu.  Through the great effort of dedicated individuals from Alpro Foundation, these essential devices are put into great use , which is to perform a free blood glucose level measurement for many b40 individuals. 
    During the testing time of fighting the Covid-19 pandemic, the health and wellbeing of those who are in need have never left our minds. Being an organization that is committed to help others live a wholesome and healthy life, we are beyond delighted to do our part in serving the underprivileged individuals, not to mention that this is also a special milestone in our mission of eliminating diabetes from the community. 
    "A kind gesture may not change the world, but it may change the world for the person who receives it" 
    Indeed, this is a great virtue that each of us at 27GROUP truly believes in. We understand the impact of diabetes on a person's body and quality of life through the in-depth research conducted by our development team, therefore we are compassionate towards the emotional and physical strain that an individual with undiagnosed diabetes have to undergo. We hope that our little gesture may be able to help those who are unable to afford a proper blood glucose test understand their body condition better. Also, we hope that through our donation, more organizations may be inspired to come forward and help to fill in the gap of medical needs for the underprivileged community. 
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    During the extraordinary times of Covid-19, we see the whole nation united together to serve and contribute in the battle against the pandemic. At 27GROUP, we have the utmost respect for our frontliners who are working bravely and tirelessly to shield the rest of the nation from the threat of Covid-19. We also recognize the desperate and urgent need for medical supplies that are essential to keep our frontliners safe and healthy. Therefore, 27GROUP has decided to contribute a part of our earnings to donate medical supplies for our front-liners as an act of support and solidarity.

    As an internet company that begins with the aspiration to improve the lives of people around us, our team at 27GROUP believes that it is our obligation to provide care and give back to the society whenever we can, especially during tough times like this. Therefore, it is our honor to announce that we have donated N95 masks that are worth RM60,000 to the Ministry of Health (MOH) to support the needs of our courageous front-liners.  The report of our little act of contribution can be found on the Oriental Daily News following the day of the donation. We hope that our actions would be able to encourage more Malaysians to follow and contribute their share in helping to fight Covid-19.   

    Source: Oriental Daily (东方日报)

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