October 27, 2018


LASCHÉ X was officially unveiled at the Malaysian offline event. In this grand gathering fest of more than 100 brands, LASCHÉ X has been popular among people on the scene with its unique health concept and concept of reducing sugar and fat. The response of the crowd were overwhelming with passion!

The 27th of each month is an extraordinary day for 27GROUP. On the 27th of every month, 27GROUP will have various breakthrough activities. The activity held this time was a sign of affirmation to 27, and it was a pleasure to be able to gain recognition from worldwide and be able to participate in such a large-scale activity. In addition, this close contact with consumers has also received a precious evaluation and impacted the consumers at large, As a result, consumers will say "I know this LACHÉ X "! It was definitely encouraging for all entreprenuers and leaders in 27!