• SISTERS The 1000th issue - Exemplary Awards Event

    In conjunction with the celebrated 50th anniversary of Sisters, a famous Malaysian magazine sister, the "Most Exemplary Awards Ceremony" was held. Many famous artists and friends were invited to join in the celebration and spend a brilliant night together. Among them, 27GROUP was also invited to attend, and won the "Excellent Innovation Team Award".

    The trophy awarded by the conference was specially crafted, symbolizing enthusiasm and illuminating the colorful future, and striving to the peak!

    In 2019, 27GROUP does not seek for extremely fast pioneering actions. It upholds the heart of the craftsman and seeks stable and long-term development. Another milestone proves that all hardworks are worthy and never wasted. Efforts that were dedicatedly poured in will eventually receive the most precious appreciation. You reap what you sow!

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  • TOP100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs 2019

    An annual grand celebration held in Malaysia, the opening ceremony was officiated by Prime Minister YAB Tun Dr Mahathir Bin Mohamad platform. This celebration was to affirm the efforts and achievements of young Malaysian entrepreneurs. EVELYN also lived up to the expectations and won the "Top 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneur Award", and gathered with many famous Malaysian entrepreneurs to receive the highest honor.

    Adhering to the spirit of craftsmanship and courageous to take risks, it was proved that in addition to hard work, the award winning leaders have undefeated tenacity and a clear goal direction in order to achieve today's achievements. All these persistence and attitude deserved to be awarded and recognised. The outstanding leaders who were invited to attend also expressed that they were very moved to witness this historical moment before their eyes. EVELYN is the greatest pride of 27GROUP!

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    The "40 Dynamic Female 2019" awards ceremony hosted by the Malaysian Women's First Magazine was successfully concluded. 27 founder EVELYN was once again awarded the honorary title of "Dynamic Queen" and celebrated with 39 other outstanding women in Malaysia. It is worth mentioning that In addition, the famous Malaysian host Phoebe, China's famous badminton player Wu Liuying, and Tong Xing, who has worked hard in the entertainment industry for their debut, also won this award.

    Serve people with professionalism and strength; move people's hearts with excellent, professional and high-quality attitude. The award won by EVELYN is an affirmation given by the organizer and all. Behind the glory bears a major vision, prompting and cultivating the partners to become stronger and stronger, and let more people to come to know 27! 27Group will always uphold the initial intention to assist more women to start a business on the 27 platform and achieve financial freedom!

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  • Same Root-Same Dream2018 Global Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

    27GROUP founder EVELYN received an invitation from the Global Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival Organizing Committee where thousands of Chinese business politicians, leaders of overseas Chinese delegations, and outstanding Chinese representatives from all over the world to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival.

    It is understood that the Global Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival" is a global Chinese economic and cultural exchange event jointly created by organizing committee and hundreds of Chinese organizations and societies around the world. The attention paid by Chinese leaders at the ministerial level has attracted thousands of outstanding global Chinese to actively participate, and has established a good brand image and reputation in the hearts of overseas Chinese at home and abroad.

    Furtherance to this, the 27 exclusive brand LASCHÉ X was awarded the "Most Influential Chinese Business Brand in 2018" by virtue of good public comprehensive evaluation, brand awareness and industry influence. At the same time, EVELYN also won the "Outstanding Women's Honor Award" for her personal strength image and credibility, and her contribution to society.

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  • 2018 Genesis Brilliant Achievement Award Ceremony

    27GROUP, the leading Internet entrepreneurship platform in Malaysia was invited to attend the awards ceremony and was awarded the "Outstanding Professional Brand Award for Glorious Achievement" by GNS Genesis. EVELYN and outstanding leaders of 27 Group witnessed this glorious achievement together. Among them, leaders expressed that they were honored to be invited to attend this grand ceremony. Besides that, watching the founder on stage to receive the award was even more moving and inspiring.

    Entrepreneurship path is never easy. In addition to strong perseverance and 100% hard work, willpower and staying vigilant on self-discipline is mandatory. Moreover, EVELYN leads a team of thousands of people, hence she is very attentive to her associates and partners so that all could benefit and excel in this path of entrepreneurship.

    All the award winning participant of this grand ceremony are nominated by well-known local judges and the public from different industries. Only business leaders with impeccable leadership qualities, outstanding talents and significant contributions can have the opportunity to participate in the award. The award is given to leaders who have made valuable contributions to global economic growth, and the award have attracted attention for their excellent business value.

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