Same Root-Same Dream2018 Global Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

27GROUP founder EVELYN received an invitation from the Global Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival Organizing Committee where thousands of Chinese business politicians, leaders of overseas Chinese delegations, and outstanding Chinese representatives from all over the world to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival.

It is understood that the Global Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival" is a global Chinese economic and cultural exchange event jointly created by organizing committee and hundreds of Chinese organizations and societies around the world. The attention paid by Chinese leaders at the ministerial level has attracted thousands of outstanding global Chinese to actively participate, and has established a good brand image and reputation in the hearts of overseas Chinese at home and abroad.

Furtherance to this, the 27 exclusive brand LASCHÉ X was awarded the "Most Influential Chinese Business Brand in 2018" by virtue of good public comprehensive evaluation, brand awareness and industry influence. At the same time, EVELYN also won the "Outstanding Women's Honor Award" for her personal strength image and credibility, and her contribution to society.