Meet The Founder

Her business has grown from humble beginnings when everything started virtually without an office, employees and big dreams. Evelyn didn't started this business with a desire to build an online empire, she was simply a passionate woman during online business since she was 21 back in 2016.

She never was a confident and courageous person since young. Things changed when she had her first solid 6-digit income at the age of 22, and this has inspired her to dream big and empower others to do the same as she believes everyone deserves to become the best version of themselves.

She believes in the online business trend because it has brought her success; besides, everyone has the equal opportunity to run an online business gives everyone an equal opportunity regardless of their background, identity, age. Hence, she created this life-changing platform to connect people with dreams.

Evelyn is a living example of how one ordinary person can make an extraordinary success story and she wishes to empower more people through her story. That's how and why she founded 27GROUP.