The "40 Dynamic Female 2019" awards ceremony hosted by the Malaysian Women's First Magazine was successfully concluded. 27 founder EVELYN was once again awarded the honorary title of "Dynamic Queen" and celebrated with 39 other outstanding women in Malaysia. It is worth mentioning that In addition, the famous Malaysian host Phoebe, China's famous badminton player Wu Liuying, and Tong Xing, who has worked hard in the entertainment industry for their debut, also won this award.

Serve people with professionalism and strength; move people's hearts with excellent, professional and high-quality attitude. The award won by EVELYN is an affirmation given by the organizer and all. Behind the glory bears a major vision, prompting and cultivating the partners to become stronger and stronger, and let more people to come to know 27! 27Group will always uphold the initial intention to assist more women to start a business on the 27 platform and achieve financial freedom!