27GROUP is now officially certified under ISO9001, the international standard of Quality Management Systems (QMS). With the certification of ISO9001, we have successfully passed the requirements of ISO9001 as an organization that can consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory standards. 

ISO9001 is an international standard that was first published by the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) in 1987 to ensure that organizations meet customers and other stakeholders needs within a statutory and regulatory requirement related to a product or service.

Being an internet-based company, we have always insisted to provide professional services and products for our 27 Independent Business Partners and customers with a consistent quality management. It is our obligation to create an intact and efficient system within our company in order to ensure that our customers and partners receive only the best from us and nothing less. We believe that with an efficient and well-structured management of the company’s production and quality control, we will be able to make continuous improvement for our business and deliver more satisfying products and services that could transform the general perception about internet business.

The certification of ISO9001 is a recognition to the years long effort and persistence of our management in maintaining an efficient quality control system which meets the global standard. However, this is just a first step for 27GROUP in achieving a more effective and systematic approach to deliver our products and services to the public.  We will uphold our promise and take this new milestone as an inspiration to keep pushing ourselves towards new boundaries in making products with elite quality.

Note: The certification of ISO9001 is currently being used by more than 90 countries and institutions and is recognized as one of the most popular international quality management standards in the world.