National Tour Meeting 路 Internal Exchange

An opportunity for close contact, a face-to-face communication exchange, 27GROUP founders and directors are committed to helping 27 entrepreneurial partners solve any problems faced and uncover the future direction of the team.

Evelyn had travelled From Ipoh Station, to Penang, Johor, and even south to Singapore, and then to East Sarawak, only seek to provide most powerful assistance to 27 entrepreneurial partners. Sharing without any reservations is one of the values 鈥嬧媜f the Internet industry, and is an excellent education that 27 provides. Through every city, 27 founders and directors hope to give partners rigorous and insightful training, discovering the various potentials of 27 entrepreneurial partners, and to assist 27 entrepreneurial partners to excel and be mature in their entrepreneur path.

It is a lonely path to accomplish merely by one person, it is only meaningful for a group of people to accomplish together. The directors have stated that 27 will continue to grow with all 27 entrepreneurial partners, building dreams together, maximizing talents, and strive to cultivate excellent leaders to establish the glory of 27!