Transformation Plan 路 Training Camp 2.0

The second transformation plan and training camp was successfully held in ANANI VILLA, Pahang in February this year. More than 60 elite leaders improved themselves in the 2D1N course, transformed and reborn into a sharp blade.

EVELYN CHAN said at the closing ceremony that the purpose of holding the transformation camp is to let the 27 leaders understand themselves more and stimulate their inner potential through different activities. Secondly, via teamwork, the training aids to enhance the team's centripetal force, togetherness and combat effectiveness in building a group of excellent and efficient teams, show case their creativity in this entrepreneurship.

She said that it is not enough for a strong company and team to rely only on one person, but it needs a group of leaders to climb and lead. At the same time, everyone must have the same direction and it is more important so that they can work efficiently in the shortest time in maximizing the benefits. There were different meanings behind the design of each game, but the most valuable takeaway was to build a team spirit through this training camp and enhance trust and understanding between team communication and leadership. Therefore, the 27 founders and directors all participated together to cross the border with the 27 leaders. There are no perfect people. Only by complementing each other's shortcomings and amplifying each other's advantages can they be more powerful to face all kinds of difficulties.