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  • Maximize Your Earnings in 2023 with 27GROUP!

    Maximize Your Earnings in 2023 with 27GROUP!
    As a small business owner, you're always searching for new and innovative ways to increase your revenue. Diversifying your income streams is one of the best ways to safeguard your business and give you more time and financial freedom to focus on what you love. 27GROUP offers a wide range of income streams, each with its own benefits and earning potential.
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    In September 2020, 27GROUP has successfully accomplished a new milestone by obtaining the direct selling license from AJL (AKTA JUALAN LANGSUNG). In other words, 27GROUP is now verified as an official and legal career-building platform that meets the standard criterion of the Malaysian government.

    Making continuous improvement to become a business enterprise that meets the professional and international standards in the industry has always been the goal of 27GROUP. Despite starting our journey as an internet-based micro-business, we are committed to break through the boundaries and venture into an even greater business model. Since the company’s inception, we are determined to push ourselves to become an internet career-building platform that integrates innovative direct-selling model into the scale of an internet enterprise. Nonetheless, our new achievement with the AJL direct selling license is merely a beginning to the great goals that we have set for ourselves. We will continue to strive for greater heights and present you a more diversified 27GROUP in the future.
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