27GROUP National Tour Speech

"Entrepreneurial Achievement Dreams, Discovery of New Age Technology Entrepreneurship"

Within a month, 27GROUP had successfully expand their circles by attracting countless entrepreneurs to strive with and join this 27GROUP Enterprenuership all over Malaysia including Penang, Kuching and Johor Bahru Stations. The response was overwhelming especially Penang Station, there were approximately more than 200 people came to support and explore. In addition to the new enterprenuers, the usual customers of 27GROUP also enthusiastically and actively participated in this speech event to prove their love for the team and products with action.

27GROUP promises you the most stable platform to start a business. To serve people with integrity, to stand on high quality, and to speak with professionalism, it is bound to provide the greatest protection to all 27 business partners. The short three hours of sharing on the scene, from actual combat experience to personal experience sharing, or a mentality view, had brought great insights to the participants.. The close contact and sharing of 27GROUP had inevitably bring confidence on the partners. They feel attributable to 27 and more motivated to move forward.

 "You can live however you want", as long as you have the courage to take the first step, and seize this opportunity with no hesitation, as long you have the will, ambition and courage, you can also transform from a traditional woman into a new era of entrepreneurial powerhouse Entrepreneurship Achievement Dreams • Discovering a new era of technology entrepreneurship, 27 promises to continue to support the stable development of everyone, build an entrepreneurial entrepreneurship platform, and help more people start businesses through technology.