27 Virtual Juice Bar Programme:

Reset Your Body

27 Virtual Juice Bar Programme, a programme whereby its overall concept is based on scientific proven methods to help you to achieve the recommended daily nutrients and to boost your body with essential vitamins, minerals and Phytonutrients for optimal health and wellness. It is known that in the conventional juice programmes, drinking only fruit and vegetable juices throughout the day for a prolonged period may lead to nutrient deficiency as it is nutritionally imbalanced due to the complete devoid of protein and healthy fats. Hence, we are here to guide you step by step in feeling recharged without any hunger and discomfort. So, if you have been seeking for the right method to become healthier, hesitate no more.

Why Choose
27 Virtual Juice Bar?

Scientific-based Juice Programme

0 Hunger, 0 Discomfort 100% Science Backed

  • 5-days juice programme that combines both liquid and solid diet with zero hunger. Recipe is designed by certified dietitians emphasize on a healthy and balanced diet. The calories of each recipe are stated.
  • Grocery list and a quality portable juice blender to save your time.
  • Ingredients selected are high in antioxidants yet easily accessible, that help to improve overall health, especially immune system and skin complexion.
  • Step-by-step juicing guide will be given daily to ease your health journey.
  • Daily discussions with certified dietitians in private group chat.

What Can You Expect From The Programme?

Enhance skin complexion

Strengthen immune system

Rejuvenate body with antioxidants

Reduce inflammation

Energize body

Improve digestion

Am I A Good Fit?

Join us if you are:

We wouldn't recommend
you to join us if you are:

1. Individuals above 18 years old
2. Keen to try on liquid diet
3. Individuals who do not eat adequate fruits and vegetables

1. Pregnant and lactating mother
2. Women who is on menses
3. GI disorder*
4. Individuals with diabetes
5. Individuals below 18 years old
6. Elderly (Above 65 years old)
7. Allergy to nuts, milk and dairy products
8. Renal dysfunction
9. Taking blood thinning medication
10. Individuals with chronic medical condition, eg: heart disease*

* Consult dietitian to discuss on suitability to join the programme

Is there any preparation I can do to avoid discomfort before & after this programme?

Yes. We would recommend at least 3 days of pre and post programme depending on your current eating habit and lifestyle. It helps to prep the body to transit from your current diet to a clean diet easier by minimizing any unnecessary unpleasant experiences during the transition.

>3 days

27 Virtual Juice Bar
Programme 5 days

>3 days

What are the preparations during these 2 periods?

Take only fresh food and drinks with healthy cooking method and moderate food portion

Stop unhealthy foods from now onwards to get your body started! It’s time to let your body settle down and get some quality nutrients before the 27 Virtual Juice Bar programme starts. After this programme, start off with healthier food choices too before you go back to your usual diet.

Below are some healthy food option and cooking methods that you can refer to:

Healthy food choices

Healthy cooking methods

Brown rice
Sweet potato

Chicken without skin
Lean meat


Stir-fry with little oil

Drink more water

Drink at least 2-3L of plain water a day to well hydrate yourself and let yourself adapt to the high liquid intake for the following days.

Have adequate sleep

Get enough sleep of 7-9 hours a day to get your body a good rest and a clear mind the next day.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol

Slowly reduce caffeine and alcohol intake to totally avoid it before you start this programme.

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