Effective 21 January 2024, there will be changes in our Compensation Plan. These are among the important highlights that will affect existing Independent Business Partners:-

1. Revised Startup Package/VIP Entry
2. Revised Personal Sales Income/Purchase Discount
3. Revised SI Commission
4. Revised Group Sales and Group Performance Commission

1. Revised Startup Package/VIP Entry

We have updated with Sharer, Dealer, Elite Partner and Global Partner Categories. All the 4 Startup Package determines different discount percentage. 


Entry: -
Reload: -


Entry: RM1340
Reload: RM960(420iv)

Elite Partner

Entry: RM6200
Reload: RM4130(2185iv)

Global Partner

Entry: RM19340
Reload: RM8270(5114iv)


2. Revised Personal Sales Income / Purchase Discount

Dealer, Elite Partner and Global Partner can now enjoy higher discount value compared to previous percentages. However, all existing members will be reverted back to Sharer rank, and shop ranking will be remained with 1-STAR, 3-STAR, and 6-STAR. 6-STAR discount is reduced to 24% compared to the previous 27%.


15% / 20% / 24%
Dealer 27%
Elite Partner 32%
Global Partner 38%


3. Revised Fast Start Bonus(was Sponsor Income)

Sponsor Income (SI) commission now covers up to 2 tiers, ensuring continuous leadership and guidance.

Direct Sponsor



4a. Revised Group Sales Bonus(was Group Sales Income)

Sharer 10%
Dealer 10% 5%
Elite Partner 15% 8%
Global Partner 20% 10% 5% 

*Eligibility: Each reload is able to unlock 3 periods' Group Sales Bonus

4b. Revised Leader Bonus(was Group Performance Bonus)

Dealer 25%
Elite Partner 40% 10% 5%
Global Partner 50% 25% 15% 10% 

*Eligibility: To reload on the period. Leader Bonus will be remitted quarterly during quarterly meeting

Important Note Regarding Downline

If you choose not to upgrade to Dealer/Elite Partner/Global Partner during the period, your downline who opts for these upgrades on the period will pass up to your upline who has embraced the new categories. This change aims to ensure alignment with our updated structure.