ATHALIA Perfecting Treatment Elixir

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 Royal Magnolia : NOT210106579K
 Rose Jasmine : NOT210106578K

Exclusive Japan Formulation   |   100ml

Perfecting treatment elixir is a comprehensive keratin hair protector which is enriched with botanical essence and 17 types of amino acids. It provides a wide range of amazing hair benefits in just one bottle, including UV protection, heat protection, hair colour protection and more without weighing it down.
Perfecting treatment elixir can be use both before and after blow-drying.

Suitable for
• Individuals who frequently exposed to sunlight
• Individuals who always use styling tools
• Individuals who undergo chemical treatment such as dyeing and bleaching

• Moisturize, repair and strengthen both damaged and healthy hair

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pH Balanced

Plant Based

Cruelty Free

Nut Free


Paraben Free

Phthalates Free

Perfecting Treatment Elixir

Smooth & Silky Hair Anywhere & Anytime

Rose Jasmine

Royal Magnolia

Rinse-Free Keratin Hair Conditioner

Hair Protector

Step 1:

Hair Perfume

Double the effectiveness of Baobab Therapy Hair Mask

Step 2: 

Apply a generous amount of Baobab Therapy Hair Mask on damp hair.

Step 3:

Rinse off. You're ready for a perfect hair day!

Other Treatment vs Perfecting Treatment Elixir

X brand hair treatmentPerfecting Treatment Elixir
Rinsing is requiredNo rinsing is required
Short term resultsLasting effects
Hair conditioner3-in-1 Treatment Elixir Rinse-Free Keratin Hair Conditioner, Hair Protector & Hair Perfume

Instant Remedy for Hair Problems

  • Prevent tedious hair care routine
  • Prevent smelly hair
  • Prevent frizzy, dry & tangled hair
  • Prevent damage from heat & UV

Essential Ingredients For Healthy Hair

Instant Protect, Moisture, & Restore

  • Botanical essence
  • 17 types of amino acids
  • Non-sticky formulation
  • Lightweight
  • Easily carried

Say bye to oily moisturiser that weights your hair down

Your Comprehensive Hair Treatment

  • UV & Heat Protection
  • Hair Colour Protection
  • Long-lasting Hairstyle
  • Prevent Split Ends
  • Moisturise Hair
  • Improve Hair Silkiness
  • Improve Hair Softness
  • Tame Frizzy Hair
  • Detangle Hair
  • Add Volume Without Weighing Hair Down

2 Luminous Fragrances Available

Imagine lying down on a flower bed

Rose Jasmine




Royal Magnolia




Your Go-To Hair Rescue For Healthy Hair



Spray It On Your Hair

  • Before UV Exposure
  • Before & after blow-drying, heat styling
  • Before & after chemical treatment
  • Whenever your hair wants to feel & smell good!

National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency Approval

Safe & Natural Ingredients

Registration No / Notification NoProduct NameHolder
NOT210106912KAthalia Balancing Cleanser27 Marketing Sdn Bhd
NOT210106914KAthalia Folli-Activ Cleanser27 Marketing Sdn Bhd
NOT210106578KAthalia Rose Jasmine Perfecting Treatment Elixir27 Marketing Sdn Bhd
NOT210106579KAthalia Royal Magnolia Perfecting Treatment Elixir27 Marketing Sdn Bhd
NOT210106580KAthalia Folli-Activ Essence27 Marketing Sdn Bhd
NOT210106917KAthalia Baobab Therapy Hair Mask27 Marketing Sdn Bhd


Silicon free

Paraben free