ATHALIA - Scented Candles

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140g, up to 30 hours burn time
Soy Candle
6.5cm diameter x 8cm height

Morning Garden Candle
A refreshing, calming, soft & clean musk scent with a light rosy scent from the wild roses. This scent will make you feel like you're walking the garden in full bloom with morning rays.

Top: Aldehydes, Lily-of-the-Valley, Pear
Middle: Rose, iris, Orange Blossom
Base: White Musk, Ambrette (Musk Mallow), Indonesian Patchouli Leaf

Royal Magnolia Candle
A fresh & natural magnolia scent with a hint of zesty citrus on a smooth sandalwood base. This scent will make you feel like you're chilling under the Magnolia Tree during Spring.

Top: Lemon, Ginger, Shiso leaf
Middle: Star magnolia, Orange blossom, Magnolia leaf
Base: Sandalwood, Amber

Rose Jasmine Candle
Not your typical sweet rose scent but a unique, classy & elegant rose scent that smells fresh and green. This scent will make you feel like you're lying on a flowerbed full of roses & jasmine. 

Top: Lemon, Bergamot, Bitter orange
Middle: Rose, Jasmine, and Juniper Berries
Base: Balsam Fir, Musk, and Ambergris