All hard work deserves recognition.  27GROUP has the best platform to lead entrepreneurs into a happy and blissful path in life because that is what we believe in. As long as you work hard with a devoted heart, you will be compensated with the rewards that you deserve.

    To celebrate the achievement of 27GROUP as we rose to become one of the industry leaders of local internet commerce, our outstanding team leaders had embarked on a 6-days journey to South Korea near the end of autumn. As they arrived in South Korea, they were greeted not only by the beautiful maple leaves that were turning yellow, but also the freezing wind and mesmerizing sight of snow of the approaching winter. With great generosity and gratitude, our lovely founder Evelyn contributed RM370,000 for this trip as a gesture to reward the efforts of our hardworking team leaders who had shown amazing commitment to the company throughout the year. Moreover, Evelyn had even prepared gift cards and customized hoodies to these 60 exceptional individuals, hoping that everyone would enjoy this trip to the fullest and build a wonderful relationship between one another that will lead to a strong foundation for our company’s future growth.

    As Evelyn believes that a harmonious, relaxed and united atmosphere is very important for an organization, therefore this luxurious South Korea trip also serves as an opportunity for our founder to strengthen the mutual understanding and bond between the company’s top achievers. On top of that, this trip is also a celebration for our company’s first anniversary. Evelyn hopes that through group traveling, the team leaders are able to ignite a stronger passion within themselves for our business which could help them generate more exciting ideas and influence more talented individuals back in Malaysia with their enthusiasm.

    At the end of this six days journey, our partners had created many memorable moments together and developed a wonderful camaraderie that brought everyone closer than ever. Who would have thought that the journey with 27 would not only lead our partners to a more rewarding life, but also give them the opportunity to form special bonds with like-minded individuals which could impact their lives in ways that they could never imagine. The trip to South Korea drew a perfect ending for our leaders in 2018, yet it signified the beginning of a more splendid and inspiring new year ahead for 27GROUP. 

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    All efforts deserved of recognition. 27 gives you the best and happiest entrepreneurial platform. As long as you work hard with devoted heart, you will be compensated with the best way.

    For 6 consecutive days, 27GROUP outstanding leaders spent a fruitful and meaningful trip in South Korea. This trip not only caught the end of autumn, but also experienced the freezy weather of winter. In addition to seeing the withering maple leaves, the exciting snow scene was also recorded all thanks to our lucky 27 charm. In this short year, 27GROUP quickly became a representative of domestic Internet companies. The founder EVELYN even devoted and spent 370 thousand ringgits, and generously rewarded the 60 outstanding leaders of the company. Before departure, EVELYN prepared small cards and special customized hoodies to these 60 outstanding leaders. She hopes that during this journey, everyone can work together and develop the company into a larger and more professional team

    EVELYN believes that it is very important to create a harmonious, relaxed, and united internal organizational atmosphere. This luxury tour not only brings leaders to relax, but also increases mutual understanding and strong bond with the team. She also hopes that this trip can inspire leaders to find ideas, break through difficulties, and bring this passion back to Malaysia to influence and impact more 27  partners and enterprenuers, because she believes that travel can precipitate the soul and also cultivate inspiration. This could enhance 27Group development to a higher level. Hence,  she had decided to take the leaders to Korea to celebrate the company's first anniversary.

    Thesesix days trip together made the bond among partners stronger and closer. It connects everyone as team at a deeper sense. We had never expected that a career can create such precious and touching bond and emotions. The like-minded partners and the mutual encouragement have created many beautiful and surging memories. This trip to South Korea draws a perfect ending for the 27 leaders in 2018, but this does not mean the end. On the contrary, it is the heart that is getting more and more courageous and inspired a visionary chapter for 2019.

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    27GROUP had the opportunity to participate as a co-sponsor in an event“Starting from the heart”hosted by the National Heart Center (IJN) and Fengcai Magazine, where Zhuang Wenjie, the anchor of the "ASTRO Newspaper", acted as the moderator of the lecture and seminar. This lecture and seminar targets to raise the awareness of Malaysians on diabetic medical issues and educating the public on the danger of diabetes.

    It is no doubt a meaningful activity to participate in. In addition to helping everyone through 27 products, 27 were also able to utilise our health knowledge and expertise to deliver a comprehensive message to everyone. Via close contact with the public, 27 enterprenuers and partners were able to understand the consumer's thoughts at a deeper level and has definitely benefited a lot from this event.

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    LASCHÉ X was officially unveiled at the Malaysian offline event. In this grand gathering fest of more than 100 brands, LASCHÉ X has been popular among people on the scene with its unique health concept and concept of reducing sugar and fat. The response of the crowd were overwhelming with passion!

    The 27th of each month is an extraordinary day for 27GROUP. On the 27th of every month, 27GROUP will have various breakthrough activities. The activity held this time was a sign of affirmation to 27GROUP, and it was a pleasure to be able to gain recognition from worldwide and be able to participate in such a large-scale activity. In addition, this close contact with consumers has also received a precious evaluation and impacted the consumers at large, As a result, consumers will say "I know this LASCHÉ X "! It was definitely encouraging for all entreprenuers and leaders in 27GROUP!

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  • Business Elite Special Issue Recommend

    2018 is definitely a fruitful year in the development history of 27GROUP. In June, our brand exclusive LASCHÉ X was launched with such enthusiasm. The world's first medically new turf bitter melon peptide, made such a debut in the Malaysian health market. In August, a health sculpting camp was held, calling on people all over the country to pay attention to the health awareness concept of reducing sugar and fat, and recovering body and health that was lost through aging. Simultaneously, 27 entrepreneurs were led to implement the offline lecture training program and rapidly expanded the domestic scale of 27GROUP, which was also a role model for local Internet entrepreneurship companies.

    All successes come from perseverance! 27GROUP always adheres to the spirit of professional first, striving for perfection and perseverance. Under the leadership of the founder EVELYN CHAN, 27GROUP has won many praises and recognition from worldwide, and it has allowed the team to move forward without fear. And EVELYN has won the title of one of the 24 outstanding entrepreneurs in the business elite special issue, making her more determine in her choice and more confident to support more entrepreneurs to grow and develop on this platform.

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  • The 7th China Shanghai New Retail Micro-Business Expo

    The 7th China Shanghai New Retail Micro-Business Expo

    27GROUP, as a pioneer in Internet entrepreneurship in Malaysia, has always regarded brand internationalization as one of the key directions for corporate development. As such, through this opportunity, the company has brought its exclusive brand LASCHÉ X to debut in overseas markets for the first time.

    With the title of the first micro-business exhibition in Asia, this expo attracted domestic and overseas various team, agents, distributors, more than 1,000 micro-business brands and tens of thousands of visitors participate.

    With prioritizing the principle of product quality first, strictly adhere to the spirit of craftsmen, and always remembering the original intention to adhere to the implementation of innovative, high-quality, professional, honest, and strive for perfect business philosophy. It was these diligent and prudent persistence that won the recognition of the award. The founder EVELYN CHAN was elected the "Global Micro Business Award", 27GROUP also won the highest honor, and won the "World Top 500 Micro Business Team Award".

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