• Business Elite Special Issue Recommend

    2018 is definitely a fruitful year in the development history of 27GROUP. In June, our brand exclusive LASCHÉ X was launched with such enthusiasm. The world's first medically new turf bitter melon peptide, made such a debut in the Malaysian health market. In August, a health sculpting camp was held, calling on people all over the country to pay attention to the health awareness concept of reducing sugar and fat, and recovering body and health that was lost through aging. Simultaneously, 27 entrepreneurs were led to implement the offline lecture training program and rapidly expanded the domestic scale of 27GROUP, which was also a role model for local Internet entrepreneurship companies.

    All successes come from perseverance! 27GROUP always adheres to the spirit of professional first, striving for perfection and perseverance. Under the leadership of the founder EVELYN CHAN, 27GROUP has won many praises and recognition from worldwide, and it has allowed the team to move forward without fear. And EVELYN has won the title of one of the 24 outstanding entrepreneurs in the business elite special issue, making her more determine in her choice and more confident to support more entrepreneurs to grow and develop on this platform.

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  • The 7th China Shanghai New Retail Micro-Business Expo

    27GROUP, as a pioneer in Internet entrepreneurship in Malaysia, has always regarded brand internationalization as one of the key directions for corporate development. As such, through this opportunity, the company has brought its exclusive brand LASCHÉ X to debut in overseas markets for the first time.

    With the title of the first micro-business exhibition in Asia, this expo attracted domestic and overseas various team, agents, distributors, more than 1,000 micro-business brands and tens of thousands of visitors participate.

    With prioritizing the principle of product quality first, strictly adhere to the spirit of craftsmen, and always remembering the original intention to adhere to the implementation of innovative, high-quality, professional, honest, and strive for perfect business philosophy. It was these diligent and prudent persistence that won the recognition of the award. The founder EVELYN CHAN was elected the "Global Micro Business Award", 27GROUP also won the highest honor, and won the "World Top 500 Micro Business Team Award".

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    27GROUP, has received the attention and invitation of "ASEAN Lifestyle Week" and became one of the main sponsors of this event,. In conjunction with the theme "Delivering Wholesome Solutions", sharing  various countries characteristics and specialities  and deliver more comprehensive health messages to Malaysians citizens.

    The event attracted the participation of about 150 SMEs in nearly 20 countries, and was sponsored by the YAYASAN BUDI PENYAYANG MALAYSIA and supported by the MALAYSIA EXTERNAL TRADE DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION, MATRADE to showcase the economic and cultural value and contributions of ASEAN countries for the world.

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    The WATSONS GET ACTIVE FEST launch ceremony was successfully held in the ground floor lobby of Sunway Pyramid Shopping Plaza in Kuala Lumpur. 27GROUP was invited as the main sponsor to attend this event with the leaders of major brands. In addition, representatives from major media attended the event to support and the atmosphere was lively.

    WATSONS has a strong influence on a global level, its significant presence can also be seen worldwide. As such, to be invited to become one of the main sponsors this time, it is undoubtedly a recognition of 27GROUP qualification and reputation.

    The company stand that we would actively promote a professional corporate brand image, provide the most reliable service quality, the highest quality product guarantee, give customers a great sense of realibility and trust, to support the development of 27 entrepreneurs.

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