The Benefits of Dietary Fiber for Digestive Health: How LASCHÉ X First Base Can Help

Digestive health is essential for overall wellbeing, and incorporating dietary fiber into your diet is a simple and effective way to support digestive health. Dietary fiber refers to the indigestible portion of plant-based foods, such...

膳食纤维对消化健康的益处:如何通过LASCHÉ X First Base来提升


Kidney Dialysis in Malaysia: What You Need to Know About Costs, Risks, and Precautions

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) affects approximately one-tenth of the world's adult population and causes millions of premature deaths worldwide[6]. Studies show that the prevalence of CKD in Malaysia is 15.48%, and the incidence of end-stage...


慢性肾病 (CKD) 影响了全球大约十分之一的成年人,而且是导致全球数百万人过早死亡的疾病[6]。研究显示,马来西亚慢性肾病的患病率为 15.48%。而且据统计, 马来西亚患末期肾病需要透析的患者呈上升趋势,2016 年的发病率为每百万人口 216 例,相比2002 年为每百万人口 96 例[6]。 到底是什么原因导致病患需要洗肾? 治疗可以如何帮助,费用是多少呢?很多人说一洗肾就是不归路了,是真的吗? 想了解更多,请继续往下看!

Is waist size more important than weight?

The article discusses how the traditional measure of obesity, Body Mass Index (BMI), may not accurately reflect an individual's level of obesity due to its inability to distinguish between fat and muscle, or reflect the...



How to Measure Your Weight Correctly: Tips for Accurate and Consistent Results

Many people believe that stepping on a scale and seeing the number is all that's needed to measure their weight. However, this approach can be misleading and inaccurate. To ensure accurate and consistent results, it's...



SHINE DNA —— 让你全方位了解自己的 DNA 基因测试

SHINE DNA —— 让你全方位了解自己的 DNA 基因测试

211 Healthy Eating Plate: The Ultimate Guide To A Balanced Diet For A Healthy Weight!

Follow 211 healthy eating methods and stop extreme dieting today! It helps you to lose weight healthily and reduces the possibility of weight loss rebound.