The scale says I gained 3KG weight in a day! Understand the reasons for weight fluctuations.

The scale says I gained 3KG weight in a day! Understand the reasons for weight fluctuations.


When it comes to weight loss, most people will be very concerned about their weight and keep measuring their weight several times a day. However, weight can fluctuate throughout the day. We will get a less accurate measurement of progress if we use the scale at different times on different days.

much the consecutive days, however your weight is different on the same day at different time of measure.



It is possible to gain 3KG weight in a day?

No. We will not gain 3kg in a day but it is normal for our body's weight to fluctuate by 2-3kg.

Although our weight is one of the indicators of weight loss, however, it is just one of it, because our body weight is the combination of different parts which including: fat, bones, water, muscle, food and etc.


Hence, when our body weight increases, it doesn't mean we are gaining weight; when our body weight decreases doesn't mean that we are getting slim. Often, weight does not accurately reflect the progress of fat loss.

3 reasons for daily weight fluctuations


· Dietary intake

It's the same concept as why sponges will become heavier after absorbing moisture. We need to drink water and consume food everyday, it definitely will cause our weight to gain. But after digestion, our weight will return to normal.

· High sodium diet

Sodium is salt, too much intake of sodium can cause edema. This is because when you consume high intake of salty food, the body will store more water, and the weight will naturally rise, but as long as the body excrete the excess water, our weight will return to normal.

A gentle reminder: Sodium is important to our body, but it should be consumed in moderation. This is why people who often eat processed foods will have more obvious weight changes when they change their dietary pattern to consume fresh foods. They are actually reducing water retention in the body, and not all are due to fat loss.

· Physiological effects

The body metabolic function will be slowed down due to the fluctuation of female hormones, which causing the body to accumulate water and leads to weight gain. However, this situation will only be maintained until the end of the menstrual period and it will eventually return to normal.

When is the best time to get accurate weight measurement? 


One of the best times for us to measure our weight is in the morning, following urination and defecation. Because after a whole night without eating and vigorous exercise, the influence of these factors on our weight can be reduced. In addition, our body weight is closest to the real weight after defecate and urinate. Hence, the weight measured at this time is the most accurate one.

In conclusion, it is normal for a body weight to fluctuate by 2-3KG daily, and it doesn't mean that you are gaining weight. Do take note that we should also check our body circumferences as an indicator of weight loss rather than by only looking at our weight.

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